Vegan Honey of different flavours made with pride

At Prism Nutrients, we’re all about great planet & saving bees. We start with fresh ingredients and turn them into tasty treats with a whole lot of flair. We don’t take shortcuts and have nothing to hide. We’re just proudly real, proudly delicious and proudly here to give you the feel-good treat you’ve been waiting for. Our Vegan honey is a total new concept for Canada. We have done an extensive research on these products for almost 2 years. And now we have brought these extra-ordinary variants of Vegan Bee free Honey. We have been in business for almost 30 years in India and have started our venture in CANADA with this awareness of Saving the Planet and bring you guys an incredible tasty product. We dont want to compete with honey. But we deffinatly want to reduce the consumption of honey so that we can let the bees save the honey for their life.

We all know that bees are very important pollinators for our planet. They are the reason we have food on our plates. Bees population is dieing and its our turn to save them not for them but for us or for our future generation. 

We have been giving a lot of donations to Environment research teams for keeping the planet healthy. We wish to do more for our planet so if you guys are not taking honey for medicinal purpose, we request you to start buying bee free honey from your local grocery store and save the bees. Our Prism Vegan Bee Free Honey brings a lot of benefits of real honey and many more.

Bringing Our Venture in Canada With This Serious Awareness Of Saving Bees.

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